CSOC 2020 Dev

Welcome to CSOC Dev! Here's all the resources and tasks you need to know, complete, and focus on for every week.

Heads up!

All the great learning resources of COPS Dev group can also be found at COPS Dev Resources.

Week 0

Consider this week as "revision of the fundamentals" since most have already cleared some or all of the topics of this week. If you think you're weak in any of the topics below or haven't finished even one of the tasks listed, then make sure to finish them now.

Throughout this course, we would require Linux to do assignments and resources will be posted for the same OS. It's expected that most have their Linux system ready due to COPS Linux Installation fest, but no worries! We're sharing all the required resources to get your system in shape for the following weeks and the basic shell commands you need to master.

This week will be critical for the beginners to learn to work productively on their software projects and also to learn the art of asking questions the “hacker’s way”.

We've also covered Git and Github earlier, during the Dev-OSS workshops, so make sure to revise it well!

There's a basic web dev project too to finish by the end of this week (Apr 23), so get your HTML tools back in shape!

Topics for Week 0

NameDue Date
Git and Github
Web Dev and playing TicTacToe
New Initiative

Week 1

Now that you're comfortable with the basic tools required for a developer, let's get started with some real Development!

This Week will be based on Web Development. You have already made yourself familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript which are nice and fancy, but to build websites of practical use, you need something more than just static Content in your site. To build impressive websites, you shall need to add backend support to it too. Now this is what CSOC Dev brings to you this week : Web Applications and Django to complete your full stack learning!

Note : For this week, keep focus primarily on building the Web Application.

Next week we shall be back with Django, with yet another assignment on it. We are however sharing the resources this week for all of you who shall complete the task before the given deadline ie. 30 April. It will help you get a better idea of what all could be going on behind your screen the next time you surf sites like Instagram, Udemy, Coursera, etc etc.... Yes! they are backed by Django!!

Topics for Week 1

NameDue Date
Web Applications
New Initiative

Week 2

Loading...After completing the first task now you would be comfortable with APIs and GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE requests. But now you would want to know how the back end server was made. Well it was made using Django. Also the assignment this week would be based on Django.

Note : For this week, keep focus primarily on Django.

Next week we shall be back with Django Rest Framework (The framework used to build REST APIs), with yet another assignment on it. We are however sharing the resources this week for all of you who shall complete the task before the given deadline i.e. 7 May.

Topics for Week 2

NameDue Date
New Initiative

Week 3

Now that you have completed the CSOC Django Assignment, you built your own webapp backed with Django as the backend. Overnight your webapp became a star success!! Congrats! They love it so much, that they want a mobile phone version! Time to create an Android Version! And an iOS version....

And then you have to replicate 2 times the same code to Add, View, Remove, Update and Delete data, with different languages.

That opens the door to many possible mistakes… And that is where DRF(Django REST Framework ) shines out.....

DRF enables you to host the same backend for web, mobile and desktop applications.

Needless to say, we have so lovingly prepared an assignment for you that will make you "REST-less" (pun intended :))

Note : For this week, keep focus primarily on DRF .

As always, we have attatched next week's material (Flutter) for those who complete the week's task beforehand. The assignment is available too for you to take a look at.

Topics for Week 3

NameDue Date
Django REST Framework
New Initiative

Week 4

Hey there! This week we bring something much more interesting that all you have been through yet. Mobile app development and Virtual Reality... And Yes! you don't need knowledge of any of our previous weeks.... Knowing fully that two topics together is a bit too much, we offer you an option between the two. But chose well... What you chose now will have to continue on that for the next week too...

As usual, we have uploaded some of the resources for the next week too.

Note : For this week, keep focus primarily on Flutter or Web VR.

Topics for Week 4

NameDue Date
Web VR (Virtual Reality)
Web Augmented Reality (A.R.)
New Initiative

Things to keep in mind

No plagiarism

Plagiarism in any of the tasks isn't allowed and can easily be caught. Learn from others' code but don't copy, otherwise you're just giving yourself a handicap in learning.